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We Love Cats!

Scarlets Story

Martin adopted Scarlet in 2015. She's a tortoiseshell with all the tortitude in the world. Her health started getting worse over the years, multiple vet visits didn't give an answer and Martin knew he had to take action for Scarlet. Her symptoms included diarrhea, not using the litter box, and scratching herself raw. These all pointed straight to food allergies so Scarlet tried every kibble and canned food possible with no results. Eventually, Scarlet stopped eating most foods.

Knowing food was the problem and armed with the internet Martin began researching cats day and night. He discovered house cats are biologically similar to wild cats. Wild cats eat whole prey, not kibble. At this point, the only food choice left was obvious, RAW!

All of Scarlet's symptoms cleared up within days of starting the Little Lions raw diet. Her coat became vibrant and soft. Her stools returned to normal and lack stink, and most importantly she's full of life! After seeing the miraculous change in health Martin made it his mission to bring raw cat food to every cat owner out there. We hope you and your cat enjoy Little Lions products!

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