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The History of Raw

It's important to understand the history of cat food to understand why it's important to feed your cat raw. Read along to learn about how cats evolved since we domesticated them.

What a greater gift than the love of a cat

Charles Dickens
Old Manuscript of a Cat

The Early Days

Cats and mice have had a relationship way before Tom and Jerry. This 13th-century illustration from an English bestiary explains the house cat and its nature as a hunter of mice.

Domesticated cats were the ancient-era pest control, keeping all sorts of rodents and critters at bay for their humans for thousands of years. 

The Industrial Revolution

People began moving out of the countryside and into the cities once the Industrial Revolution rolled out. Indoor cats in the cities didn't have access to as many pests as before, so people had to take feeding their cats into their own hands.

This book from 1893 about dog and cat care gives a handy cat food recipe consisting of just raw beef and liver!

The First Kibble

Raw cat food lost its place to kibble in the 1950s after rationing due to the world wars led companies to use less meat in their products.

Pet food manufacturers created the first kibble brands and marketed them as easier alternatives to meat. People gladly took the cheaper option without realizing the ingredients were out of whack with a cat's natural diet.

They were cheap because they skimped on meat and used grains as filler, then packed the kibble full of preservatives so it would last longer.

So Why Raw?

Raw is simply the best diet a cat could get. Cats have evolved over 10,000 years to eat raw meat, and we have modern scientific evidence to prove it.

At Little Lions we believe in only using the highest quality ingredients. Hormone-free chicken, fresh veggies, and supplements with the highest bio-availability. A diet proven by history and backed by modern science. Feed your cat the right choice

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