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Raw quick start

answering your questions about raw

Why raw?

Raw is a cat's natural, preferred diet. Barn cats, stray cats, and wild cats will eat whatever prey they catch. This means that cats have a very specific dietary requirement based on the nutrients found in raw meat, organs, and other parts of animals.

Getting your cat to optimal health depends on feeding them the right diet. Feeding raw offers several benefits that you'll see over time.

Stable energy levels: Cats do not process carbs for energy like humans do. They break down protein into glucose which they use to fuel their body. That means that cheap carbs like corn and grains do not get used efficiently by cats. These are common fillers use in commercial cat food to bind ingredients together.

Improved digestive function: You might notice your cat drinking less throughout the day and that's because they are getting hydration from the raw food. Carnivores have evolved to process water from meat and don't need to drink as often. They also break down the proteins very efficiently and leave very little waste when they use the litter box.

Long term health: All of the benefits together combine to bring your cat to optimal health levels. Kibble is packed with preservatives and fillers which is what makes it so cheap. Cheap food can cause health problems down the road such as UTIs, Kidney problems, and inflammation. A species appropriate diet will give your cat exactly what they need to live a healthy life.

Switching to raw

Whenever you switch a cats diet its recommended to do it in 4 phases throughout a week

  • Days 1-2: Feed 25% of the new diet and 75% of the old diet
  • Days 3-4: Feed 50% of the new diet and 50% of the old diet
  • Days 5-6: Feed 75% of the new diet and 25% of the old diet
  • Day 7: Feed 100% of the new diet

It's not unusual for cats to have some digestive issues while switching diets. If their stool becomes loose or if they have other digestive issues then you may stay at whatever phase you're at until those issues pass then continue.

Your cat will most likely drink less water while eating raw. This is totally normal. Cats have evolved to get water from their food instead of drinking.


Adult cats require 20-35 calories per day to maintain healthy body weight.

Kittens require 60-65 calories per day to grow.

Our raw recipes contain calorie information on the labels which will help you portion correctly for your cat. Our food is fit for cats of all life stages.

Make the switch easier

Cats are notoriously picky eaters. This is because they are imprint eaters which means they generally stick to the same food they ate as a kitten. You can make the transition to raw smoother with these quick tips.

  • Crumble some treats on top of the food to get your cat to taste the raw food
  • Mix in broth or warm water with the food if your cat enjoys licking their food
  • Wait it out. Sometimes cats need to see the same dish presented over time to really start eating it
  • Microwave the dish for a few seconds just to release the aroma of meat

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