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We Love Cats!

Our ingredients

What we use and how we use it

Little Lions a Cat Company believes in using the best ingredients for your cat. We know you care a lot about your cat and want to give it the best. That's why we make sure to use ingredients that you'd use yourself.

High Quality Proteins

Our Chicken and Beef come from butchers that provide the same meat you'd buy at the grocery store.

Fresh Veggies

In the wild cats eat the stomachs of their prey, which are typically herbivores eating greens. Veggies also provide fiber which is good for some cats.

Bioavailable Supplements

We use the most bioavailable supplements so that your cat will absorb all the minerals they need.

With careful preparation, we put together these ingredients to make the healthiest cat food for your cat. Every pack is vacuum sealed and frozen to ensure maximum freshness.

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