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Dried Silvervine Fruit

Silvervine fruit, also known as gall fruit, is a wonderful catnip alternative. Similar to catnip, all you need to do is pour a little on the ground and watch your cats play with it. Cats will smell, lick, roll around in, and swat them like toys.

Each bag contains 2 ounces or 52 grams of dried silvervine fruits.

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Dried Silvervine Fruit


What is silvervine anyways?

Silvervine can be known as two things, a tree and the fruit the tree makes. The silvervine tree, which is known scientifically as Actinidia polygama, grows natively in China, Korea, and Japan. The fruit that comes from the tree is known as gall fruit or simply silvervine fruit. Both the tree and the fruit contain several oils which give cats a similar reaction to catnip.

It's also known as the catnip of Asia or matatabi. Matatabi means "travel again" in Japanese, which is how they describe the funny dances cats do when playing with silvervine.

Silvervine vs catnip

Both catnip and silvervine are great ways to get your cat active and playing. Silvervine is just an alternative to catnip if your cat does not react to it as much.

A 2017 study found that 75% of cats tested reacted to silvervine positively over catnip. Read about it here!

Is silvervine safe for my cat?

Absolutely! Silvervine is completely non-toxic to cats and dogs alike.

Customer Reviews

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cats are obsessed

Both of our cats are obsessed with these things. One of our cats enjoyed catnip while the other never was into it. We tried silvervine fruit figuring it might be the same, but both are really into it and its much easier to pick up than the nip

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